Manage Your Centre

Attendance Tracking and Reporting

Keeping attendance records are incredibly important. KidGenius easily allows you to track attendance for both kids and staff. You can even record who drops off and picks up each child. Records are kept indefinitely and can easily be viewed by government staff when needed.

Child attendance check-in example in Kidgenius.
Bulletin boards in KidGenius can include a number of different file types.

Bulletin Board

You’ve created a beautiful newsletter, now it’s time to share it. Use the KidGenius bulletin board feature to post and share your documents with parents. Use it to share menus, newsletters, forms and more.

Report Generation

You have many requirements while running a childcare, including many from your local government. KidGenius makes generating reports incredibly easy. Filter and sort your child by the number of hours they have attended, their age or subsidy status (or a combination of all three). You’ll no longer need to add up hundreds of hours of care.

KidGenius helps you build a number of critical reports to run your child care centre.
We offer a convenient mobile app to let you update your data on the go.

Mobile Access

You probably don’t spend your day in front of a computer, that’s why we’ve made KidGenius mobile friendly. You can capture information on your phone or tablet. We even have a custom iPhone app.


You collect a lot of personal information, and we want to keep it secure. We employ cutting edge technology to keep the data safe and secure.

KidGenius protects your data by using modern web security techniques.

Connect With Parents

Daily Report Cards

Keep parents in the loop with all the great work you do. Record naps, meals, activities and more. Enter info for one child, or use our bulk upload feature to capture info on many children all at once. You can also request items, record toilet breaks and track payments for children in your care.

An example of adding a meal to the daily report for one of you children in KidGenius.
Photos can be easily shared via drag & drop, or taking a photo from your phone.

Photo Sharing

Parents love seeing their children play and learn! KidGenius allows you to share photos with parents and even add comments. Use the comments to share details of the activity or communicate the learning objectives.

In-App Messaging

It is important to keep in touch with parents, you may not always have time to chat at the end of the day. We’ve built an in-app messaging tool to allow for easy communication with parents. You can message just a single parent or select multiple, it’s up to you. All messages are kept in case you need to review later on. Unlike email, all your staff can view and respond to messages, this ensures everyone is kept up to date.

Have a conversation with parents right inside the app.